The Association has insisted from the beginning on professional administration of its archives. As a result, since 1955 its papers have been deposited in the Hessian State Archives in Marburg. There they are divided into five collections, which contain not only records of the Association and its four aristocratic corporations, but also other individual and family papers and books. Included in this depository is the Transehe Library (Transehe'sche Bibliothek) with over 600 books belonging to the Livonian Noble Corporation. About 35,000 photos were donated to the Association by Georg von Krusenstjern and are listed there under his name (Bildarchiv Georg von Kusenstjern). This collection is subdivided into the Baltic Portrait Archive ((Baltisches Portraetarchiv) and the Baltic Picture Archive (Baltisches Bildarchiv) with its depictions of aristocratic estates, churches, glebe houses, cities etc., and is lent out to the Art History Research Institute of Philipps University in Marburg. Approximately 2,000 volumes concerning Baltic genealogical, historical, geographical and cultural subjects, which the Association acquired from Georg von Krusenstjern, has since 1990 been available for viewing and research in the German Noblity's Archive (Deutsches Adelsarchiv) in Marburg.