Specific aims today

1. We nurture a sense of community through a wide range of gatherings and common activities: youth camps, historical seminars, family week-ends, regional gatherings and our own meetings during the annual assembly of the Association of Baltic Noble Corporations. All of these are meant to foster the exchange of thoughts, provide mutual spiritual guidance, encourage the transmission and practice of codes of conduct and the taking-on of practical duties.


2. We retain a close bond with Estonia, the land of our ancestors, and with the Estonian people with whom we share a common history. We seek a dialogue, and support developments in the Baltic States through different forms of engagement at many different levels.


3. We foster awareness of our history, support critical research and the dissemination of research findings.


4. We support the preservation of cultural heritage in Estonia, through specific initiatives and donations. We regard it as the responsibility of every family to look after their ancestral graves.


5. We keep and update the genealogy of all families listed in the register of the Estländische Ritterschaft, through our own genealogist. We do this to maintain a sense of common identity and an understanding that every one of us is a link in a long chain.